This is an anti-gout diet that was formulated by the National Research Council and should serve to keep you uric acid at a level where you are not having a gouty crisis. From a long term standpoint gout can be avoided by proper diet and a healthy lifestyle. Obesity, alcohol intake, and stress are things, which precipitate the formation of crystals, which lead to a gouty attack. At Preferred Footcare, we believe that by avoiding gouty attacks we can prevent the debilitating arthritis that happens secondary to repeated gouty attacks. Please follow this diet and if you need any encouragement or extra information, please do not hesitate to call.

Purpose: The low purine diet is designed to decrease elevated serum uric acid levels.

Uses: This diet is used for patients with gout and or uric acid stones. It is used in conjunction with drug therapy so as not to involve rigid diet restrictions.

Description: Achieving and maintaining ideal body weight and a liberal fluid intake are encouraged.

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