Sprains are tearing, whether partial or total, of a ligamentous structure in the foot or ankle. Also involved are partial tears and ruptures of tendons and muscles. Sprains and strains seem to be a common malady with which we as American suffer in large numbers. Many situations lead to a sprain or strain of muscle. It is our experience here at Preferred Footcare that these do not simply go away and must be treated not only with proper care with great hast and aggressive therapy. We believe in immediately decreasing the inflammatory response of the body and getting rid of post-traumatic swelling quickly and effectively. We also believe in aggressive rehabilitation and early ranges of motion. Properly treated sprains and strains do not need to become a nagging injury, which manifests itself for years to come. Please do not hesitate to call us if you’ve strained or sprained a ligament, muscle, or tendon. In many cases we will also need to rule out the presence of a bony abnormality or fracture. It is imperative that this be done early in the process in order that healing proceeds quickly.

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